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Drowning in cock.

Drowning in cock.

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I just want to do really bad things to her.

Just a little wider, honey…

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What a feast. So beautiful.

A beautiful mess


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I’ll say it again: Dominion livestock, when properly trained, have so many uses.

I need a foot stool - any followers want to volunteer?

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Asian pet appears unphased by standard degradation techniques - time to step it up.

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No. 1 Bianca Beauchamp fan

No. 1 Bianca Beauchamp fan

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"Excuse me sir, but your whore appears to be leaking."

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Eat my fucking asshole you filthy little cunt

She’d need a statistician to figure how many assholes she’s tongued.


This seems self explanatory, but it is amazing how many women out there get it wrong.  If you start to feel confused though (well, more than normal), don’t risk trying to think for yourself.  Just do what any good woman should do: ask a man to tell you what you should be thinking instead.

Keep it simple, ladies - be a slutty fuck toy; and when in doubt, ask a Man.

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A few more from the cheerleader set! Find us at http://www.mygirlfund.com/rachelravaged all profits go to making more porn and buying dollar menu food. 

Sounds like a worthy cause


A few from our “After use” photo set!

Public rape toy


Just 2 still photos from using Rachel for our latest film! The film is 24 minutes long, VERY brutal, includes face fucking, sex, serious degradation,  body writing, spanking and more!

LOVE body shaming… so hot


A few pics from last Halloween season when we took a late night drive and decided to play around in the front seat! 

Rachel’s face-cunt gets wrecked.


A few still shots from our schoolgirl shoot! 

We are working on some new content, a new photoset as well as video but have had a few setbacks, namely some life stuff came up! It’s amazing how hard making some simple porn can be sometimes. 

As I think I have mentioned elsewhere, Rachel works 2 jobs as well as a fairly active social and artistic life. I make horror/comedy films, promote our porn and work as a mechanic/fabricator as well as running a car club. 

These things all collide on a fairly regular basis to make the porn thing kind of a hard task at times but we still manage!

We will see you all again soon! In the mean time, you know the drill, all our porn is always on sale for $35 for ALL our galleries and videos! Send an email to gimmeesomefreestuff@yahoo.com for details on how to buy!

It’s a puke party, and everyone’s invited.


A little more free porn for the night! Rachel getting treated how she deserves!

Sometimes you gotta choke a bitch